Stage “Gerry Hemingway”

Cette série de stages est présentée sous forme de modules ciblés et destinés aux divers types d’élèves de l’AMR et du CPM. Pour eux, le stage est gratuit et l’inscription obligatoire.
Ces stages acceptent aussi des musiciens externes (élèves HEM, musiciens pro, amateurs) selon les places disponibles. Le prix de participation active est de
20.- Sfr. par session.
Des auditeurs (élèves stages et externes) sont à toutes les séances.

Inscriptions : Véronique Seppey (CPM) 022 329 67 22,

Flyer de présentation : Stage Gerry Hemingway (PDF)

Travail de préparation : Partitions et écoutes disponibles ici

Vendredi 14 mai 2010 (9h30-12h30 et 14h-17h)
ERA, 8 rue Charles-Bonnet

Elèves de l’école professionnelle jazz et musique improvisée AMR/CPM
8 participants / sur inscription / Auditeurs possibles

Professional Small Ensemble

The explanation/demonstration via recordings of a group of pieces from my repertoire of quintet and quartet pieces. All participants would have had a chance to practice the notated material before this weekend. I would make a web page where they can download their part, get a score and listen to various versions of the pieces we would play (as parts, as a whole and in different tempos for practice purposes). A variety of ensemble terrains could be covered in this area including collective improvisation, interdependent rhythmic structure, open harmony (w/o changes) small duo trio interactions etc….

Vendredi 14 mai 2010 (18h-21h)
ERA, 8 rue Charles-Bonnet

Grand Ensemble Jazz et Orchestre à cordes du CPM
Auditeurs possibles

Orchestra & Big Band – “Sound Mass”

We would explore a variety of orchestral textures that would be relatively simple to play individually but would depend on all the players hearing what is happening as a whole – which I would guide them through. Some of these materials could be generated as notation and given in advance. I would also write a few melodies, harmonies and especially for the big band some kind of repetitive material, that could also act as a floor for a few improvised solos.

Samedi 15 mai 2010 (9h-12h)
ERA, 8 rue Charles-Bonnet

Elèves de batterie et percussion
Sur inscription / Auditeurs possibles

Drum Master Class – “The Language of Color”

Class would begin with a demonstration of my solo music combine with talking about extended techniques and how I developed this vocabulary and organized it to create a repertoire of solo work. Then I would guide a few players through the process of developing some techniques to give all the participants a sense of how they can explore this territory sonic vocabulary. Finally we would do a large ensemble piece with everyone participating. The first step of that would be organizing subsections of the ensemble that specialize in sounds in certain frequency ranges. Then conducting them through a variety of textural and rhythmic landscapes. I would not see this as a performative outcome, more as a process oriented experience.

Samedi 15 mai 2010 (12h-15h)
ERA, 8 rue Charles-Bonnet

Elèves pré-professionnels (classiques et jazz)
8-10 participants / sur inscription / Auditeurs possibles

Pré-Professional Small Ensemble

This would follow the same format as the Professional Small Ensemble, but the difficulty of the material would be significantly lower. However though the parts might be simpler to learn, the challenges will be there for the players in the learning/listening/hearing of how it all goes together – hearing each other and knowing where/how/when to relate to each other.

Dimanche 16 mai 2010 (14h-17h)
Centre Musical du Petit-Lancy,5-7 av. Louis Bertrand

Elèves école de jazz du CPM et élèves des ateliers AMR
Sur inscription / Auditeurs possibles

“Free playing session with Gerry Hemingway”

Improvisations for small and big groups, also the voice.

Dimanche 16 mai 2010 (17h à 18h)
Centre Musical du Petit-Lancy, 5-7 av. Louis Bertrand

Présentation publique – concert public

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